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Motivating Beauty

Unlocking Your Inner Beauty One Brush Stroke at a Time

Motivating Beauty

Unlocking Your Inner Beauty, One Brush Stroke at a Time

About Toy Taylor Goodgame

I am Toy Taylor Goodgame, and I am not your typical beauty coach. I am a Motivating Beauty Coach, and I am here to redefine Beauty for You. You might be wondering, “What is a motivating beauty coach?” Well let me tell you – I’m the one who inspires YOU to be the Best version of yourself through the Transformative world of Beauty and straight-talk Motivation.

I believe that Beauty is not just about Makeup and Skincare. It is about how YOU feel about yourself. My goal is to Empower you to embrace your Uniqueness and Boost your confidence. I have witnessed many women who are unkind to themselves when it comes to Self-Care. Well, the time has come to say “Enough is enough!”

MBC Mission

The mission is simple: To help you Discover, Embrace, and Magnify the Inner beauty that lies within YOU. We are here to silence the negative Self-Talk that often plagues Your thoughts, especially when it comes to Self-Care. It is time to Hit the brakes on that self-criticism! 

We are here to help You realize that Beauty is not just skin deep…it is a Reflection of your inner Strength and Confidence. We are here to Guide you on this Empowering journey so Embrace Your Beauty and let’s Inspire the Best version of YOU!

What does a Motivational Beauty Coach offer?




Beauty Guidance


Positive Self-Discovery


The Power of Pretty

Custom Makeup: Truth by Toy

"Taylored Beauty, Unleash Your Truth"

Dive into a bespoke makeup journey, curated to spotlight your unique beauty. With ‘Truth by Toy’, the experience is all about you. What’s our hallmark? Custom Blend Makeup—foundations, concealers, bronzers, and more, crafted solely with you in mind.

Your Beauty, Your Truth

Truth by Toy is a specific customized makeup line that understands Every individual is Beautifully unique, and that Your makeup should be too. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our Custom Blend collection, a revolutionary approach to Beauty that places YOU at the center of your makeup Experience.

Your Beauty, Your Formula

What is a Custom Blend Foundation? Have you ever dreamed of having a foundation that is as Unique as you are? Look no further because Custom Blend Foundations are here to bring your Beauty aspirations to life. It is not just makeup…it is a personalized Experience.

A Taylored Beauty Solution

Custom Blend Makeup consists of foundations, concealers, bronzers, mineral loose powders and more Made exclusively for you. The approach is Simple yet revolutionary - we tailor Your foundation to your exact Preferences and Unique skin needs.

It’s A Collaboration

This is a true collaboration my friend. When it comes to your foundation, YOU are in the driver's seat. We start with finding the proper base shade (a shade closest to your natural skin tone). We add coverage enhancers and/or mattifiers to create a Proper texture and finish (Dewy finish, Matte finish, Natural).
Want a tinted moisturizer for that Natural look? Or maybe You are feeling the full coverage look. The choice is Yours! We are in this together!

Addressing All Skin Concerns

We understand that every face is Unique and so are its needs. That's why we take into account every skin issue and concern you may have. Oily skin, dry skin, rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and more - you name it, we address it! Your Formula is designed to cater to your Specific skin requirements ensuring a Flawless Finish.
We got You covered.

Unique Formulas for Unique Individuals

No two people are the same and neither are their Formulas. Each blend is a Work of art created exclusively for YOU. We take Pride in Crafting a foundation that not only Matches your Skin tone but also Enhances your natural beauty while Addressing your skin's Unique characteristics.

Why Choose Custom Blend Foundation

Personalized Perfection

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all makeup. Your Custom Blend Foundation is as unique as YOU.

Skin Health

We prioritize the health and well-being of your skin. Your formula is designed to nourish and protect the skin while wearing the custom makeup.

Confidence Boost

When you look your best, You Feel your Best. Period.


At Home Care

As a Beauty Coach, I deeply appreciate the fundamental importance of skincare. Employing a meticulous one-on-one methodology, I specialize in crafting personalized home-based skincare regimens utilizing premium products to effectively address diverse skincare requirements. Regardless of your skin’s unique story, together we will meticulously shape the ideal solution.

Your distinctive beauty narrative is poised to be unveiled. Allow Your Motivating Beauty Coach to expertly guide you in composing the perfect storyline. Embrace…Elevate… and Effortlessly Express your individual beauty.

Motivating Beauty : A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Makeup For Seasoned Skin

Price: $29.99

It has been an immense privilege and a true honor to share my expertise. Makeup can indeed be overwhelming for some, and in response, I have made it my mission to provide you with honest real-world techniques. The methods and insights shared within these pages are the very same ones I employ in my everyday life. There’s no illusion, no smoke and mirrors, just authentic advice. The skincare and makeup products I use and recommend are of the highest quality and I take great pride in ensuring they are never tested on animals.

The journey of writing this book has been an exhilarating ride. It has ignited a profound personal and professional transformation, motivating me to become a better version of myself. Regardless of your age or the unique qualities of your skin, whether seasoned or glowing with youthful vitality, I want you to know that You are extraordinary in your own right. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for granting me the privilege of enriching your life one brush stroke at a time.

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