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At Total Management Tools (TMT) Lifestyles, we are not just a business; we are your Partners in Success. Founded by a Dynamic duo of Entrepreneurs, we understand that Time is Money and Money is Time. Having walked the challenging path of Managing and Marketing a business simultaneously, we Empathize with the struggles faced by Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners. We are to relieve you of the burdensome tasks of Social Media Management, Podcasting, and Video Editing allowing you to focus on what you do best – Growing your Business. We recognize the aspects of business can be incredibly time-consuming, leaving you less time to Innovate, Strategize, and Interact with your customers. TMT Lifestyles is here to provide the solutions You need. 

With Social Media Marketing and Podcasting constantly evolving we pride ourselves on having the skill set to pivot quickly. Being able to stay current with the latest trends and strategies in these fields is essential for helping clients thrive in the digital landscape. Our knowledge, experience, and commitment to affordability makes us a valuable resource for those looking to establish a strong online presence and grow your business. We are here to simplify YOUR lifestyle!

Our Philosophy

At the heart of TMT Lifestyles lies a philosophy shaped by deep understanding, constant evolution, and unwavering commitment. These tenets, deeply rooted in our history and ethos, drive us forward.

Understanding: We are more than a service; we are partners. Born from the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurial ventures, we comprehend the intricate dance between time and money, understanding its rhythm and nuances like no other.

Commitment: Your success is the pulse that keeps us moving. Every strategy we devise, every campaign we launch, and every edit we make is laser-focused on one goal: Your Growth.

Meet the Visionaries Behind TMT Lifestyles

Dive into the realm of TMT Lifestyles where innovation meets aspiration. We are the visionaries behind this transformative journey committed to redefining contemporary living. Through our collective passion and dedication we are crafting tomorrow’s lifestyle. Together we invite you to experience the future we envision at TMT Lifestyles.

Toy Taylor Goodgame


Pioneering the Motivating Beauty Movement

Hello and welcome to Your transformative space! I am Toy Taylor Goodgame and my journey commenced not merely as a Motivating Beauty Coach but as a connoisseur of the intricate layers of self-transformation. You might wonder, “What sets a Motivating Beauty Coach apart from others?” At its core, it is the fusion of authentic beauty enhancement with heartfelt soul-stirring motivation. I affectionately refer to it as “straight-talk motivation.” This is just one facet of the holistic experience we provide. As your guide, I offer Beauty Coaching as well as delving into the realms of a Personal Growth Experience. There is an undeniable synergy between looking your best and feeling your best. I am here to ensure you thrive in that synergy of both worlds. 

My journey has embraced the transformative power of beauty, motivation, and personal growth. This harmony serves as the cornerstone of my coaching approach enabling you to harness Your authentic beauty and unlock your full potential. Beauty is not confined to makeup and skincare. It is deeply entrenched in HOW you connect with your own essence.  Together, we will uncover the authentic beauty that radiates from your core while empowering your personal growth to new heights. Welcome…to a space where transformation is an art and Authentic Beauty is an expression of your soul.

Latanya Goodgame


Crafting Your Vision One Frame at a Time

I was a Student Success Advocate turned Podcast Producer!

I am bringing my years in education upholding integrity, dedication and compassion to each client’s process. I believe in having systems in place before starting your creative journey. Curating strategies and templates to speak to your audience so that your brand is set apart.  My love for coffee and coffee shops is where my love for podcasts began. I enjoy assisting coaches and consultants to craft their message in a seamless launch and sustainable management of their podcasts. My goal is to empower you to share inspiring and valuable content without becoming overwhelmed or burned out.

In the digital era, narratives and stories wield significant influence in molding our viewpoints. In line with this we have created a podcast platform dedicated to sharing inspirational stories, practical insights, and fostering impactful conversations. Our proficiency extends to video editing, guaranteeing that each story we convey is meticulously crafted to mirror the core of our mission.

Elevate Every Expression: TMT Lifestyles Multifaceted Services

Whether it’s amplifying your brand’s voice on social media, crafting podcast masterpieces, refining visual narratives through video editing, or unveiling the power of motivating beauty, our suite of services is meticulously designed to resonate with your unique aspirations. Dive in, discover the difference, and let TMT Lifestyles be the catalyst for your next evolution.